Do you like meetups? We do!

We get to meet like-minded entrepreneurs, hear new ideas, and talk shop. Ok, we admit it. There’s usually something good to eat too.

SUBS, our collaborative workspace, hosts a meetup at least once a month. In July, our WordPress guru, Yosef Juarez, founder and CEO of UX Web Services, was invited to teach a seminar about how easy it is to create a WordPress website.

More people came than we expected. And everyone learned something new.

Yosef talked a lot about free online tools that make life easier. They’re not hard to find. But people don’t always analyze their problems deeply enough to find the right solutions.

That’s part of being a strategic, effective web developer.

Over the years, Yosef has compiled a list of free online tools that have solved a whole bunch of problems.

If you attended the seminar and liked us on Facebook, you got the list. For free.

But hey. We’re generous. We can’t keep good stuff to ourselves. It’s like trying to keep a secret. (Don’t worry. We can keep a secret.) But these tools are for sharing.

They’re just awesome. Bookmark them. Use them.

And if you have any questions, we’re around.  Please be in touch.

(Another thing about us, we love to answer questions.)

Dig in.


*Domain Name Search:

*Go Daddy Promo Codes:


*WordPress Beginner’s Guide:

*WordPress Tutorials:

*Introduction to WordPress Videos:


*WordPress Themes:

Divi Theme:

*Divi Theme Documentation:

*Overview of Divi Theme:

*Divi WordPress Theme:

*Divi Theme Demo:

*Divi Theme and Plugins:

*Divi and Plugins WordPressVideo tutorials:

*Outstanding Websites Built with Divi:


*Bloom Email Opt-In Plugin:

*Monarch Social Sharing Plugin:

*Yoast Seo Plugin:

*Mail Chimp:

*Essential WordPress Plugins:

*Top WordPress Plugins:

*20 Must Have Plugins:

Cool Tools:

*Html Color Codes:

*Text to Html:

*HTML Tables Generator:

*Online Mockup Maker:

*Free Images:

*More Free Images:

*Tools for UI Designer:

*Tools to Help You Build Your Startup:

*60 Great Tools for Entrepreneurs and Startups:

Elegant Themes Blog:

*Facebook Marketing Tools:

*Web Design Tools:

*WordPress Professionals Effective Team Management:

*Social Media Monitoring Tools:

*Why You Should Start Using Chrome Developer Tools:

*Best Social Media Analytics Tools for WordPress:

*Best Tools You Probably Aren’t Using:

*Tools WordPress Freelancers Shouldn’t Live Without:

You bet these are awesome tools. But sometimes you just need an expert. That’s what we’re here for.

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