Mesorah Travel

The Objective

When Hazorfim contacted UX Web Design, they needed to install a brand new template and someone to manage their growing database of sterling silver products. Their extensive database needed to be reorganized to better reflect their desired front end appearance, a task which had become daunting. All of this occurred while Hazorfim sought to acquire a new template with a sleeker design and layout and right before a number of potentially lucrative¬†seasonal sales. They also had a great deal of content that needed to be reformatted according to their new design and theme, all of which had to be replicated correctly in Hebrew. Hazorfim’s plan to reach a Spanish audience similarly required the translation of all products, categories, CMS pages, and banners and other image text into Spanish.

Our Solution

Our solution was to find a new template that would effectively represent Hazorfim’s desired theme. Given the difficulty their staff experienced while updating their catalog, we decided to install various plugs to help streamline the entire process. Hazorfim also expressed the need to create sales that would affect only certain products in the category for a certain range of time. In large, they planned to expand their catalog quite extensively over the next few months and in general. These products would all have to be categorized appropriately into a number of different existing categories and be placed into new ones. Hazorfim’s CMS pages also had slight formatting issues in both the English and Hebrew pages, and were in the process of adding a Spanish catalog.

More Than

Unique Products

In More Than


And growing

  • Increase in Revenue 75% 75%
  • Email Subscribers 52% 52%
  • Conversion Rate 68% 68%

The Results

Using Magento, our team plotted out the best course of action and implemented Hazorfim’s goals in the most efficient manner. Once the migration was complete, UX Web Design installed various plugins to streamline the product and category process and reduce work time in half. We also drove Hazorfim’s branding and marketing strategies by setting up and applying catalog price rules. Our team knew how to manage a high volume of products and configure their attributes with great ease. UX Web Design resolved Hazorfim’s formatting issues to create clean and aesthetically pleasing copy in both English and Hebrew. Our multilingual team provided Spanish translations of all Hazorfim’s products, categories, copy, and banners. In the future, Hazorfim plans to provide Russian and Chinese platforms too.